Real Estate Experts to Guide You and our philosophy

Gained over 30 years, we have extensive experience in all types of real estate transactions for both residential and commercial real estate. Our experience with the most demanding New York and California clients means that we can provide a high-level of service. We're experts in every aspect of buying, selling, renting and managing properties in Panama.

We're a licensed Panama real estate broker with a wide range of satisfied customers from around the world. Panama's dramatic growth (one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America), and its surging popularity as a tourist destination, is attracting a wide range of people. Panama real estate is now attractive to business people establishing new companies in Panama, expat professionals taking on high-level assignments with multinational corporations with their regional HQ in Panama, investors looking for high-potential markets, retirees attracted by Panama's favorable Pensionado terms, and folks wanting a tropical second home somewhere safe and civilized.

Our philosophy 

For many it is a difficult process to buy or sell real estate. Doing it in a foreign country makes it that much more complicated. We believe that providing fair and solid content rather than a typical real estate sales pitch is very important. Buying or selling in Panama can become an unwelcome experience, but it could also be a very rewarding one. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous developers who will rarely deliver what was promised, there are many attorneys who will sideline you during the process, there are banks which will make it seem impossible to get any sort of financing and there are many in our profession who will choose a fast one time commission over a long term relationship with their clients. Pre-construction purchases based on printed materials and Internet presentations are dangerous and in many cases will end up in a loss of deposits, years of delays and a completely altered product which a buyer contracted for. Panama's questionable legal system in most cases will protect a rich developer and ignore rights of an individual buyer....., but it does not have to be this way! Thankfully there are excellent, mostly local, Panamanian developers with solid track records who stand behind their word and their projects, who respect contracts and who value each and every client. There are good, honest and affordable attorneys (not many) and there are even decent real estate brokers who will not try and push you towards deals which generate biggest commissions.


Owning property in Panama could be extremely rewarding emotianally as well as financially, but anyone interested should do considerable amount of due diligence prior to taking this leap and it should not be a leap of faith but rather an intelligent and well planned process.


We hope we can help.